FDA Laboratory

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Food quality and safety analysis department


  • performs testing of food and non-food products
  • test methods development
  • method validation
  • research and development

Methods of analyses

Analyses are conducted according to:


  • international standards (ISO, DIN, EN, GB / T, etc.)
  • national standards (AST, AST ISO, GOST, GOST R)
  • any normative-regulatory documents submitted by clients


Quality control of analyses performed via:


  • periodic participation in professional qualification tests (PT)
  • quality control by digging the standard (spiking)
  • analysis of the sample separately from the standard
  • cross-checking


All specialists regularly participate in trainings  in European universities. About 30% of specialists have PhD in Chemistry.


  • Only certified reagents and standards are used during sample preparation.
  • All devices are operated in accordance with the standard operational procedures (SOP).
  • On behalf of the National Institute of Metrology of RA annual testing of analytical equipment is carried out and certificates of calibrations are issued.
  • Calibration for quality control assurance are implemented according to the standard operational procedures (SOP)
  • LC-MS - High performance liquid chromatograph mass spectrometer, Agilent USA -determination of antibiotics, dyes, biphenyls, melamine, cyanuric acid, etc.
  • HPLC Knauer- High performance liquid chromatograph Knauer, Germany - determination of vitamins (water-soluble, fat-soluble), preservatives (sorbic acid, benzoic acid, etc.), sugars (glucose, fructose, sucrose) amino acids, biphenyls, antibiotics, hormones, micotoxins, benzopyrene, nitrozamine, dyes, etc. 
  • Bruker 450-GC - Gas Chromatograph Bruker, USA - determination of methanol, alcohols, aldehydes, acetic acid and its esters, furfural, nicotine etc.
  • Bruker 450-GC-MS - Gas chromatograph mass spectrometer Bruker, USA - determination of aromatic aldehids, phthalates, pesticides, biphenyls, nitrosamines, etc., as well as determination of unknown substances using the rich library of equipment
  • 7000 AAS - Atomic absorption spectrometer Shimadzu, Japan - determination of iron, copper, nickel, manganese, chromium, tin, sodium, potassium, calcium, barium, strontium, magnesium, bismuth, beryllium, molybdenum, aluminum, antimony, silver, selenium and heavy metals, mercury, lead, cadmium, arsenic
  • ICS - 900 and ICS - 1100 - Highly efficient ion chromatograph Dionex, USA - determination of anions (fluoride, chloride, nitrite, nitrate, bromide, phosphate, sulfate) and cations (lithium, sodium, potassium, ammonium, magnesium, calcium)
  • RAPID N Cube - Nitrogen analyzer Elementar, Germany - determination of protein recalculated on the total nitrogen
  • TIT-5 - titrator MRC Ltd, Israel - Determination of volatile and total acidity, as well as other parameters determined by titration (including potentiometric)
  • HI 84500- SO2 Titrator HANNA Instruments, USA - Determination of free and total sulfur dioxide
  • FSA 1510 - Multifunctional food сафеты analyzer MRC Ltd, Israel - immunofermentative determination of antibiotics, hormones, mycotoxins, etc.
  • only certified reagents and standards are used in sample preparation
  • all devices are operated according to standard operating procedures (SOP)
  • the National Institute of Metrology of RA holds annual verification and issues the eligibility of analytical equipment along with application certificate


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