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Tobacco products analysis department


Performs a full analysis of tobacco and tobacco products the following equipment
  • C24-CO-CO2 analyzer Borgwaldt KC, Germany
  • RM20D - smoking machine Borgwaldt KC, Germany
  • CCG-80 - camera conditioning MRC Ltd, Israel
This makes it possible to determine
  • nicotine content
  • carbon monoxide (CO) content in dry smoke
  • water content
  • tar content
  • residual dithiocarbamate and chlorine organic compounds content in tar
  • for sample preparation only certified reagents and standards are used
  • all the equipment is operated in accordance with standard operating procedures (SOP)
  • calibration of analytical equipment is carried out annually by National Institute of Metrology and National Institute of Standards of RA. Corresponding certificates of compliance are provided
  • to ensure quality control the analytical eqiupment is calibrated in accordance with standard operating procedures (SOP).

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