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Please get acquainted with the Privacy Policy of www.tonusles.am.

«Tonus-Les» LLC owns the copyright of any information presented on the www.tonusles.am, www.fdalab.am, www.narekatsiclinic.am and www.tonusles.ge websites. The company is the proprietor of all the trademarks, logos, slogans and naming placed on these websites. The usage or transformation of any data listed in these websites are considered to be the intellectual property infringement of «Tonus-Les» LLC.

All the data on the websites are only for viewing. Copying, reproducing, republishing, transmission and distribution of the information, spreading the materials and creating non-copyright links are strictly prohibited.

Visiting www.tonusles.am website the user agrees that these terms and conditions, together with the Privacy Policy become the website usage agreement between the User and «Tonus-Les» LLC.
Last update 17.05.2017


The official corporate web-site of «Tonus-Les» company can be visited anonymously. There is also the possibility of sending a message where the user must fill in the name and e-mail address.
The company collects personal data of users based on their sent messages. Required information is used to improve the service quality and the costumer care policy. The provided data may be used for marketing or other corporate purposes. Entering the web-site user agrees with the following Privacy Policy.


Users’ rights:

1. User data will be deleted from the database upon request.
2. The user has the right to request not to use his/her data for marketing purposes.
3. The users can send their complaints and suggestions, as well as, post their questions.
4. The user will be notified of changes in the Privacy Policy.


Rights of «Tonus-Les» LLC:


1. «Tonus-Les» LLC has the prerogative to edit, supplement or update the Privacy Policy.
2. The Company undertakes to notify any change in this Privacy Policy by posting the updated version in the website.

Last update 17.05.2017

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