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Analytical laboratory "FDA Laboratory" LLC conducts State Registration Process

Republic of Armenia is a member state of Customs Union and is guided by the Customs Union Technical Regulations and Rules which means, it is able to conduct State Registration Process of products.


As a result, the product is registered in Unified Register of State Registration Certificates and can be exported to other Customs Union member-states.


Hereinafter, analytical laboratory “FDA Laboratory” LLC, in accordance with the requirements of the Customs Union Technical Regulations and Rules, as well as, according with 1st point of CO N 1339-N "Food and non-food" decision, dated on December 22, 2016, conducts the State Registration Process of various products (bioactive supplements, baby food, water (children's drinking bottled, natural mineral, medicinal-table, medicinal-mineral), specialized food products for athletes and cosmetic products including children's) that require state registration and issues State Registration Certificate.


Analytical laboratory “FDA Laboratory” LLC has already registered various products that can be found in the Unified Register of State Registration Certificates.


To see the registered products kindly go through the following link: https://www.eurasiancommission.org/ru/docs/Lists/List/vet_san_fito.aspx


For more information about the registration process please, call + (374 96) 35 00 01 


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