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Back in 2014, on request of the pharmaceutical company «Tonus-Les», in the analytical laboratory of «FDA Laboratory» LLC investigation of the properties and effects of silver nanoparticles (Ag) has been started.


The first successful result of those studies is the well-known brand «Artsatatsogh» ("Silverton"), which is now widely used in medicine as an antifungal and bactericidal agent.


The bactericidal properties of silver have been known since ancient times. Its effect on different bacteria is stronger than the effects of any other metals.


Within results of the latest studies of the analytical laboratory of «FDA Laboratory», it was discovered that silver nanoparticles disinfect the water and not only. Those results were obtained as follows. Initially, the antibacterial effect of silver particles on microorganisms contained in water (such as intestinal bacteria, enterococci), as well as, soil bacteria has been studied. The antibacterial activity due to the presence of silver nanoparticles has been confirmed.


The results were so encouraging that it became necessary to test the effect of silver nanoparticles on other matrices. Eventually, it has been reported that, for instance, sour cream is stored longer when adding a colloidal solution of silver.


Yeast and mushrooms contained in sour cream cause its spoilage and fermentation. Addition of a minimum amount of colloidal silver reduces their quantity and extends the shelf life of sour cream.


The results of described studies are very promising and allows to suggest silver nanoparticles to be used in other areas - for example, in food production. So, nanosilver can be included in the primary packaging of food, thus their shelf life is prolonged.


The materials and results of all the studies, authored by the head of the working group of the microbiological laboratory of «FDA Laboratory» LLC, Narine Mnatsakanyan, have been published in numerous credible scientific journals and websites.


Such findings prove that «FDA Laboratory» LLC shattered all ideas, that there is enough to have qualitative and responsible approach to work, carry out the experiments and obtain the results that will be accepted on all continents. Now, it’s time to overcome new challenges, achieve new heights. A breakthrough in science is a guarantee and very inspiring fact for both the leaders and employees of the laboratory, as well for the producers of the relevant industries.


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