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One step ahead

The roots of winemaking in the Armenian Highlands are very deep, its history dates back to the times of Patriarch Noah. The favorable climate of our country provides the sweet taste of grapes, and the unique, high-quality wine made from it is flavored by the sun.


Armenian wine conquers the world market with long strides and has already attracted the attention of Russian, European, American, as well as Chinese consumers, which of course is welcome, and is also the reason that the internationally accredited analytical laboratory of «FDA Laboratory» LLC  initiated a project «One step ahead», the purpose of which are the meetings with the best winemaking companies of our days (on the spot), which continue rich traditions of winemaking to this days, also continue the familiari­zation with their products and the factories, discussing pressing issues with winemakers, in order to submit to them in the future specially prepared proposals, taking into account all the peculiarities of Armenian wine and its production.


Within the framework of the first stage of the project, the laboratory staff met with the largest wine-making companies of Vayots Dzor, Aragatsotn and Armavir.


Analytical laboratory of «FDA Laboratory» LLC , following its principle - «always be close to the producers, from the moment of the harvesting raw materials to the export of the finished products», already today conducts laboratory tests of all indicators of wine and wine materials (OIV, ISO, GB/T , GOST), necessary and obligatory for entering the EAEU, EU and China markets, and also provides EAEU declarations*, according to the TR CU and VI 1 certificate according to EU requirements. Analytical laboratory of «FDA Laboratory» LLC regularly participates in Proficiency Testings in all indicators for wines, the results of which prove that our testing laboratory constantly monitors the quality of its experiments and ensures maximum accurate results.


The analytical laboratory of «FDA Laboratory» LLC is the only one in Armenia that is accredited in the field of testing indicators of wine by the accreditation body of the National Accreditation Board ANSI-ASQ (ANAB), which is the best guarantee for Armenian producers and exporters. Having a test report meeting international standards, they can confidently enter not only the Armenian, but also the international market. The results provided by the analytical laboratory of «FDA Laboratory» LLC (in the scope of accreditation) are recognized on all continents.


* Cooperates with ‘’Certification and Quality’’ LLC./https://www.certify.am



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